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Goodwood, for the joy of speed

If you're into genuine thrills and emotion, Goodwood is the real deal. The UK's top car culture event attracts motoring addicts from all over the world as well as the top motorsport teams and drivers.

Porsche Appassionato

Meet Porsche Italia’s head of Motorsport, Marta Gasparini, as she takes us behind the Carrera Cup at Imola and shares her personal passion for Porsche perfection.

Driving glories: Monte Carlo Historic

Amateur classic car enthusiast Pierre Charbonnier dresses up warm to share the icy joys of the Monte Carlo Historic Rally.

Manthey, king of Nürburgring

Meet Olaf Manthey, former driver and current owner of Manthey Racing and Manthey Motors.

Discover his victorious racing career, his job as a race team manager and dedicated preparer of Porsches. We also take you behind his special relationship with one of the world's most mythical racetracks, the Nurbürgring.

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Passion for driving articles

Private collection

Step inside the breathtaking garage of Maurizio Colpani where his passion and skill have revived over 30 classic driving machines.

Silverstone on ice

Imagine pushing past 200 km/h at Silverstone… only the entire track is made of ice. This Lapland ice driving experience 80 km from the Artic Circle makes it possible.

Meet Benoît Tréluyer, 2 times winner of Le Mans

Okay, he was first across the line at le Mans in 2011 and 2012. And yes, he's been champion of Formula Nippon and Super GT. But Benoît Tréluyer does so much more. Discover his life as a car enthusiast, and even putting hybrid cars through their paces.

More Unique Experiences

  • Georges Blanc, 3-star Michelin chef in the fast lane

    One of France's leading chefs, Georges Blanc is the proud owner of a much-revered 3 Michelin star restaurant. And when he's not cooking up perfection? He's most likely sampling the pleasures of two other proud possessions: a BMW 640 and a Mercedes 500E

  • 3 Mille Miglia "la corsa più bella del Mondo"

    Enter the legend of this great classic car rally, the Mille Miglia - known as "the world's most beautiful race".

  • On the road with the Tour Auto

    Follow a classic car enthusiast and share his passion on a high octane "tour de France". Legendary car designs compete for attention with France's most gorgeous scenery.

  • Portrait of a girl racer

    For anyone who says motor racing is a man's world, here the woman to prove them wrong.

  • Me and my Gumpert vs. the Spielberg Ring

    A Gumpert owner confides in us as the emotion of the experience takes over.

  • Step into the shoes of a test driver at Fontange!

    Find out what the participants in the first edition had to say.

  • Stories from behind the scenes at Michelin

    Find out what happened at the special event hosted by Michelin!

  • Upgrading the Carrera GT

    The Carrera GT super car was substantially improved with MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport tyres. Handling is more precise, lap times are faster and the overall driving experience is better.