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Competition is innovation

We love winning races. But what's even better about racing is putting our tyres to the test. The gruelling punishment of the world's most difficult races lets us push our tyre technology to the limits.

Racing since the beginning
Our roots in motorsports

MICHELIN has been racing since 1891, just a few years after the company was founded. We're the only tyre manufacturer to have won events and titles in all of motorsport’s major disciplines over the last four decades.

Racing constantly feeds our design and development programmes, pushing the boundaries of our technological innovation. It allows us to develop tyres that win races and then bring that progress back to the road – to consumer cars. That philosophy led us to develop MICHELIN Total Performance. We reconcile conflicting design goals to create tyres that excel in a variety of conditions.

"We must not forget about another vital ingredient, and that is passion: (...) the passion that we share with our partners who have exacting demands, plus the passion that helps us to rise to the challenges that we face on the ground, weekend after weekend, across the globe. Not to mention the pride that comes with winning."

- P. COUASNON, Director, Michelin Motorsports

Bring it on

MICHELIN loves a challenge. Many racing disciplines have single tyre suppliers, but we prefer racing in series with competing tyre makers, like Le Mans.

We love to prove our mettle and show the incomparable performance of our tyres. We also love an interesting technical challenge that will push us to innovate, like the new FIA Formula E series, which is dedicated to the development of sustainable technologies. It's especially important in this case, as Formula E prepares us for MICHELIN's next century of innovation.


Our current programmes :

Dakar Rally

European Le Mans Series

Asian Le Mans Series

TUDOR United sportsCar Championship

Formula E

European Rally Championship

Le Mans 24 Hours


24 hours

United SportsCar


World Endurance

Championship (WEC)

World Rally

Championship (WRC)



Dominate the road with MICHELIN Pilot Sport tyres

  • Michelin

    Pilot Alpin PA4

    Cold Weather tyres for high performance cars

  • Michelin

    Latitude Sport 3

    Acclaimed for its driving dynamics and safety*

  • Michelin

    Pilot Super Sport

    Specially engineered for super sport cars and ultra high performance tuning

*Compared to its predecessor, MICHELIN Latitude Sport, TÜV SÜD test 2013 on wet road (235/65 R 17). MICHELIN Latitude Sport 3 has an "A" rating for wet grip in the majority of its sizes.

Michelin has had a winning presence on the racing circuit for over 125 years with partners like Porsche, BMW and Audi. In fact, some of our engineers are more present there than at Michelin!

... the proving grounds...

It’s not just that we love racing. It’s also that many innovations are discovered and tested there – in the most extreme conditions.

Le Mans: “... unless you are really pushing at the limit, you don't know where the limit is, so you don't develop. ”

- Allan McNish, driver for the Audi-Michelin team

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Endurance racing:

To win, you have to go as fast as possible with the fewest number of pit stops. This is where we learned to build long-lasting, energy-efficient tyres – ones that brought us 23 wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, 17 of them consecutively.

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Rally racing:

Winning cars are fast and precise in extremely diverse, real road conditions. We learned to make tyres that handle all conditions to deliver precise driving – and 21 World Rally Championship Driver titles and 23 Manufacturer titles.

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Motorcycle racing:

Winners require deft yet safe handling as well as speed. We learned to develop tyres that respond to the special needs of motorcycle racing, winning a record of 360 race wins and 40 world titles. your daily drive.

These innovations are passed on to your tyres, to give you a winning experience on every trip.

Our Competition and Technology Center teams work hand-in-hand. They speak the same language; they share the same passion; what’s more, they share what they learnt as soon as a race is completed.

We race to win. But we also race to learn. And give you ever better tyres. The proof is in the pudding... or rather, in our tyres.

Experience the excitement of endurance racing like Le Mans

What gives us our edge?

MICHELIN Total Performance brings you tyres that go faster and last longer.