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Michelin's Tyre Expertise

Michelin worldwide

A mission for better mobility

Since the company was founded, Michelin’s mission has been to contribute to progress in the mobility of goods and people and beyond this, to the development of society.
Our broader goal is to satisfy the fundamental human need to socialize, exchange and discover.
Michelin is committed to conducting every aspect of its business in a responsible manner. This includes delivering increasingly efficient solutions to meet expectations and aspirations of customers and shareholders. It means respecting the natural environment while achieving economically sound operations.
Every decision and action Michelin undertakes is based on the following five fundamental values:

  • Respect for Customers
  • Respect for People
  • Respect for Shareholders
  • Respect for the Environment
  • Respect for Facts

Company overview

Michelin’s mission is to enhance mobility by putting into practice its core values of respect for customers, respect for people, respect for shareholders, respect for the environment and respect for facts.
Michelin holds forefront positions in every tyre market* as well as in travel-related services. By leveraging its technological leadership, capacity for innovation, high-quality products and services, and powerful brands, Michelin is able to pursue a global expansion strategy and improve efficiency in every aspect of its business.

Some key facts about Michelin:

  • 109,193 employees (102,692 full-time equivalent)
  • More than 150 million tyres and 10 million maps and guides produced in 2009
  • Net Sales: € 14.8 billion
  • Passenger Car & Light Truck market: 80% of tyres sold in the replacement market
  • Heavy Truck market: 80% of tyres sold in the replacement market (for radial tyres)
  • 72 production facilities in 19 countries
  • Marketing operations in more than 170 countries

*With a 16.3% share of the global market by value. Source: Tyre Business, September 2009.


To better understand its market and meet its customers needs, the Michelin Group is organized into product lines, each one dedicated to an area of activity with its own marketing, development, production and marketing resources.

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