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MICHELIN Total Performance

MICHELIN constantly improves all key performance factors and brings them together in every tyre.



Discover our ongoing commitment to uncover
better understanding of driving usage to develop tyres that deliver
MICHELIN Total Performance.

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SAFETY IN EVERY WEATHER CONDITION: From a consumer need to a tyre solution.

  • Drivers across Europe experience unexpected weather changes.

    Sudden rain showers, snowfall, temperature changes... Weather conditions can change in an hour, or just minutes. Michelin works closely with the French weather bureau Meteo France to better understand unexpected weather incidents affecting European drivers.
    And we also know it is a concern on many drivers’ minds…

  • Sudden weather changes, one of drivers’ biggest worries.

    One thing is certain, drivers know that a sudden change in the weather equals danger. In fact, for almost 60% of the 1,784 drivers we asked, sudden weather changes are in their top two concerns while driving. This is creating a demand from drivers seeking to arm themselves against these changing conditions.

  • Building upon road conditions expertise.

    Within our Road Usage Lab, we gather R&D findings, tests and European drivers' real time data. Through this deep knowledge and our leading technologies, we provide tyres adapted to road usages and which deliver Michelin Total Performance: the highest level of combined performance.

  • MICHELIN CrossClimate. Arm yourself for every condition.

    Today, thanks to the successful fusion of summer and winter technologies, Michelin comes with a major innovation which once again puts MICHELIN Total Performance into practice.
    Introducing the MICHELIN CrossClimate tyre with a revolutionary performance that keep you safe in every weather condition.

How do people really drive?

To find out, we've invited 3,000 drivers across Europe to join our live experiment. With special monitors fitted in their cars, live feed data is helping us understand how real people drive in real everyday situations.

A day-by-day look at your driving usage

While you read this, our Michelin teams around the world are sharing information and insights into how you use your car, to develop tyres that better match your real needs and challenges.

How do Europe's motorists behave on the road?

Because all drivers are different, MICHELIN studies their behaviour across different regions, different countries, and even different cultures. Here we share the data collected since July 2014.

Why choose one performance
when you should have them all?

  • MICHELIN CrossClimate

    Arm yourself for every condition.

You need a tyre that can match the many driving challenges you face each day. A tyre that delivers Total Performance. Because a tyre that only masters one performance factor won’t always be there for you when you need it most. With MICHELIN Total Performance, all key performance factors are brought together in one tyre.
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