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My Winter

Whatever your winter, Michelin is by your side.


Which tyres for which winter ?


If you only drive occasionally in winter conditions such as  snow or  ice, MICHELIN CrossClimate tyres are made for you.

If you face regularly harsher weather conditions, the MICHELIN Alpin ranges take you where you want, safely.

How will your winter be?

The MICHELIN CrossClimate range

Your solution for all weather conditions.

With sun,
rain and maybe snow?

Discover the tyres

The MICHELIN Alpin range

The solution to face the harshest conditions.

With snow and ice?

Discover the tyres

They loved the winter season with
MICHELIN CrossClimate

talking about the Michelin CrossClimate tyres

I have recently change to the Cross Climate tyres and they have completely improved the handling of the car especially in very wet conditions.

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talking about the Michelin CrossClimate tyres

Once you have had these fitted, you will not want anything else! Absolutely superb.

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They have driven through harsher winters with

talking about the MICHELIN Alpin5 tyres

Pleasently surprised by the smooth ride after fitting Winter tyres to my car for the first time. Would thoroughly recommend Michelin Alpin 5 winter tyres.

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talking about the MICHELIN Pilot Alpin tyres

Bought on the recommendation of my tyre dealer. Tyres look great and perform superbly. Hardly snowed but excellent wet weather grip. Felt like a 4x4!

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* Average of consumers' opinions on MICHELIN Alpin ranges and MICHELIN CrossClimate tyre, published on 09/03/2016 on all Michelin European websites (information aggregated and collected on the website: and certified by bailiff).


Winter certified MICHELIN tyres range

Michelin’s winter advice

The difference between
winter and summer tyres

When you are not a specialist, it can be hard to grasp the difference between winter or summer tyres. Let’s discover which one is better suited to your needs with this quick guide.

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What pressure in winter tyres?

Tyres pressure is a very important component of a car’s safety. Read on to discover how to set the right pressure for your winter tyres.

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How to store winter tyres?

Storing your winter tyres correctly is important to avoid causing any damage to them. Here are a few tips of best practices for winter tyres storage.

Read more

What is the winter
tyres legislation in the UK?

In Europe, each country has specific legal requirements concerning the use of winter tyres. Winter tyres are not legally required in the United Kingdom.

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