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All-season tyres can be used for driving all year round but they are not the only option.

What are all-season tyres?
All-season tyres are tyres that can be used both in summer and in winter. In Europe, they are generally more similar to winter tyres, and less similar to summer tyres in areas such as dry braking, longevity, and fuel efficiency.

A summer tyre certified for winter use
Michelin does not offer all-season tyres but has instead developed another type of tyre that is specifically adapted to all types of weather conditions. It is called MICHELIN CrossClimate. It is the first summer tyre with an approved 3PMSF certification (which stands for 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake) for winter use.
MICHELIN CrossClimate tyres are made to offer the performance of summer tyres in warm conditions and the performance of winter tyres – for traction and braking - in cold conditions. It is the best option for drivers who face sudden weather change and occasionally experience snowfall. MICHELIN CrossClimate has “B & C” labelling scores in terms of fuel efficiency, similar to most summer tyres (which generally come in the B or C category).

One last tip for the trip
Thanks to this innovation, you neither need to alternate between summer and winter tyres, nor worry about where to store your other sets of tyres.

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