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Winter tyres: load and speed ratings

Have you ever wondered what load and speed ratings are? Discover the answers below!

Where can I find the load and speed ratings?
The load and speed ratings (also referred to as indexes) are located on the side of your tyres, generally next to the tyre size.

What is the load index on winter tyres?
The load index is a numerical code indicating the maximum load a tyre can bear at a given pressure. As an example, a load index of 105 means that the tyre can bear 925kg load at a pressure of 2,5 bars. Never exceed the load-carrying limits moulded on the sidewall of the tyres or the maximum vehicle axle load limit as shown on the vehicle tyre placard, whichever is less. Overloading builds up excessive heat in the tyre and could lead to failure.

What is the speed index on winter tyres?
The speed index indicates the maximum speed that the tyre can bear in the conditions specified by the manufacturer.

Is it possible to use a lower speed index when mounting winter tyres?
Yes, it is quite common and permissible during winter driving to use a winter tyre with a lesser speed rating than the Original Equipment tyre. If a lower speed-rated tyre is selected, then the vehicle top speed becomes limited to that of the lower speed rating selected. You must be informed of the new speed restriction.

One last tip for the trip
If you are not sure about the right load and speed ratings, check your vehicle’s manufacturer manual for instructions.

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