AgilisMICHELIN Agilis

For utility vehicles and vans (over 2.8 tonnes GVW)

  • Summer

For the professional user, MICHELIN Agilis is even more economical to run(1)(2), safer(3) and more robust(2)!

Product Benefits


Product Benefits

  • More economical to run

    The money saved due to reduced fuel consumption(1) equates to 1 free tyre in 4, and mileage is increased by 20%(2).

  • Safer

    MICHELIN Agilis brakes 3 metres shorter in the wet(3).

  • More robust

    MICHELIN Agilis retains its predecessor’s renowned impact resistance and reduces sidewall kerbing wear.


  • Previous generation MICHELIN Agilis footprint  New generation MICHELIN Agilis footprint  Truck tyre footprint

    More economical to run due to the “Durable Contact Patch”

    Truck tyre design techniques have been adapted to MICHELIN Agilis tyres to obtain a squarer tyre footprint.
    Tread block contact with the ground is better controlled in laden and high pressure conditions.
    • Less tread deformation for reduced fuel consumption*.
    • Combined with abrasion resistant rubber compounds, MICHELIN Agilis lasts even longer*.

  • Safer, due to the “Durable Security Compound”

    This new tread ingredient comes from car tyre technology.
    It maintains the rigidity of the tread rubber during the whole life of the tyre.
    Combined with a more stable tread pattern, wet braking is improved, mile after mile.

  • More robust, due to the sidewall kerbing protectors

    The position of the 8 kerbing protectors has been calculated for optimum sidewall protection in all situations.
    Combined with a two-ply construction, the tyre's full mileage potential is easier to exploit.

Sizes and labelling classes

Section Width Height Rim Diameter Load Speed Specification MICHELIN RECOMMENDED PRICE
165 70 R 14 89 R E B 70dB £99.99
175 75 R 16 101 R E B 70dB £109.99

ratings & reviews

  • car
  • 4x4 / suv
  • van / motorhome

Legal mentions

(1) Internal test compared with MICHELIN Agilis 61/81/101. Calculated using a tyre life of 43,000 miles.
(2) Internal test compared with MICHELIN Agilis 61/81/101.
(3) Internal test compared with MICHELIN Agilis 61/81/101 after 9,000 miles of use.
* Internal test compared with MICHELIN Agilis 61/81/101.

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