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Agilis CampingMICHELIN Agilis Camping

Designed for motorhomes

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Designed especially for motorhomes, for long tyre life and very safe journeys!

Product Benefits

Agilis Camping
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Product Benefits

  • Long life

  • Robustness

  • Versatility (M+S marked)

    M+S = designed to be suitable for mud and snow conditions.


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    Design and technology derived from the new MICHELIN Agilis van tyre range

    Design and technology, such as the DCP (Durable Contact Patch), derived from the new MICHELIN Agilis, leading to a long lasting tyre capable of use over several seasons.

  • Inflation Pressure*  Front  68 psi (4.5 bar) Rear   80 psi (5.5 bar)  * Metallic valves are recommended for these inflation pressures.

    A reinforced construction using two casing plies enables the use of higher inflation pressures.

    A reinforced construction using two casing plies enables the use of higher inflation pressures to provide resistance to heavy loads (up to the tyre's rating).
    Protected sidewalls: 8 kerbing protectors have been positioned on each sidewall to increase resistance to sidewall scuffing.

  • Image A heavily siped design

    A tread pattern with 30%* more sipes and 20%* more grooves, combined with a rubber compound capable of operating over a wide temperature range, provides sufficient grip for occasional use in difficult conditions

    (track, mud, snow, etc.).

Sizes and labelling classes

Section Width Height Rim Diameter Load Speed Specification MICHELIN RECOMMENDED PRICE
195 75 R 16 107 Q E B 70dB £129.99
215 70 R 15 109 Q E B 70dB £139.99
215 75 R 16 113 Q C B 70dB £159.99
225 70 R 15 112 Q C B 70dB £139.99
225 75 R 16 116 Q C B 70dB £179.99
225 75 R 16 118 R C B 70dB £179.99
225 65 R 16 112 Q C B 70dB £179.99

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  • 4x4 / suv
  • van / motorhome

Legal mentions

* Compared with MICHELIN Agilis.
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