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How many winter tyres do I need?

Many people wonder if they should fit 2 or 4 winter tyres on their car. Check out below the reasons why, contrary to popular misconceptions, it is better to fit the four wheels.

Safety first

If you decide to fit winter tyres on your car, you should know that it is highly advised to go for a set of four wheels. Indeed, by fitting two different sets to the front and rear of your car, you increase the risk of losing the stability and the balance of your vehicle. It will also increase the wear on all tyres. So, by fitting all wheels you might actually invest your money more wisely in the long-term…

What are the risks of fitting two winter tyres to the front?

If you only run two winter tyres to the front, it means that the rear end of your car is left vulnerable to the icy/wet conditions. This will generally result in rear skidding which can be hard to deal with when inexperienced. You increase the risk of spinning the vehicle under acceleration (rear-wheel drive cars) or when turning (for front or rear wheel drive cars).

What are the risks of fitting two winter tyres to the rear?

If you only run two winter tyres to the rear, you will experience the same imbalance between your wheels and you might end up losing the control of your vehicle and you’ll probably get understeer – which means that your vehicle will keep moving despite yourcorrective actions.

One last tip for the trip

Before getting on the road for a journey in cold weather conditions, check the reports on road conditions. It will help you to make driving decisions and avoid dangerous situations.


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