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How to choose winter tyres?

So, you have decided to invest in winter tyres, but you are not quite sure how to choose the right models. Easy! Just follow our advice to make the best decision.

What are your usual driving conditions in winter?

If you regularly drive under quite rigorous winter conditions such as snow or ice, Michelin recommends using winter tyres. The MICHELIN ALPIN range will help you enjoy a safe, comfortable and precise driving experience, regardless of the winter severity.

If you face changing weather conditions and occasional snowfall, MICHELIN CrossClimate tyres are made for you: they are the first summer tyres with winter certification (3 Peak Mountain Snowflake: 3PMSF).

Whatever the solution you choose, Michelin advise you to choose winter tyres with the 3PMSF certification: they have been approved through a regulation test to guarantee the right level of performance under winter conditions.

What is your car model?

Within a tyre range, there might be several models corresponding to different car types (sport, SUV, …). Depending on your car brand, its range and its engine, you might have to get a very specific set. Sometimes, the year of manufacturing of the car can also have an impact. The best solution is to consult a tyre specialist to make sure that your tyres fit your vehicle requirements.

What is your wheel size?

Another way to select the right winter tyres for your car is to know the wheel size. The information under “wheel size” include different elements: width, height, diameter, load and speed indexes. Load and speed indexes provide very important data for getting the best possible results.

One last tip for the trip

If you are not sure how to select winter tyres for your car, Michelin can provide you with some answers. Michelin offers an online search service that enables you to enter all the important data about your car and calculates for you which winter tyres would be the best option.


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