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10/10 for COVID-19 policy, food court serves tasty food at lower than expected prices. Great for bulk buying.

nihat asanov

With Costco you can't go wrong. The membership can pay it self visiting the food area alone. If your in doubt visiting don’t be. Costco are superb and provide 3 month return policy as well now who does that now days. You must be very confident in the quality of the products you sell.

Ben Jonah

Everyone's wearing a mask and social distances are well respected.

Manchester Stories

American way of living. Huge stuff with high quality that last long time. Membership needed. Always fun to shop here. Consider to stop at the restaurant on your way out and get a slice of pizza and a hotdog. Also trolleys are free yo get (no pound coin to release), but please return it to its place when done.

Paula Andrews

Didn't have to queue long, well organised, plenty of hand sanitation. Friendly and helpful staff.
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