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Ashley Morris

Unprofessional staff that made fun of me because I thought they needed proof of vehicle ownership before doing its MOT. Took the V12 out if my hand and “thanks I’ll sell the car then shall I?” After the MOT we sat down with someone that looked about 12 and struggled to answer any of my questions about why the car failed it’s MOT. The inspecting mechanic was not much better when I asked him, just seemed totally disinterested and irritated by my questions. Won’t be coming back.

Charlie Mallinson

Prompt service. Swiftly identified the issue with my car; arranged for parts and fully fixed within 24 hours. Really good professional service from Ian, I would genuinely recommend this place.

Damian Brown

Absolutely disgusting customer service, they are not interested in helping anyone. I would suggest going anywhere else


Won’t be going back. Two stars for price and quickness of my second day. Not welcoming - they did that letting me stand there, not acknowledging me even though they see me, then said ‘ hello?’ Like why haven’t I introduced myself yet - even though no one else is in the waiting room except me and them! I wasn’t offered a seat. He said ‘are you leaving and coming back later’. Er, no! You have my means of transport, there’s a hail storm outside and I’m booked in express. Still no seat offered or refreshments - not sure if the coffee machine is just for employees. I called the Centre the day before to double checked they had my 4 tyres in stock before I waisted my time. I was assured they had them. They didn’t! They had three of the four. After waiting 30mins before they took my car, I was told they only had three tyres and asked if this was OK? I said ‘no, but what can I do’. I was told I’ll have to come back tomorrow for my fourth tyre. I was asked if I wanted to pay extra for wheel alignment. I declined. A little later I was told in a sort of question, that all my tyres were bald or Chewed up on the inside so they can’t leave on one of the chewed up ones and the other option is to leave a bald tyre on, that’s bald. I told them I didn’t know what to do. I was told they would leave a bald tyre on, I was asked where I was driving that and the next day. I let them know I’d be traveling throughout Manchester. I was told to be careful, along with some small talk that included my poor choice in previously only having two winter tyres on and how high my mileage was. I said very little. I did ask if i would receive free wheel alignment for my inconvenience. I was told no. I asked what would I get for my inconvenience. I was told ‘nothing’. This was pretty much the extent of the conversation. Later I was asked to sign two bits of paper for the £518 worth of tyres, and sent on my way with my three new tyres and one bald one. The next day, when I arrived the garage was empty and my fourth tyre put on promptly. The same staff were welcoming and polite. No apology at any point. It wasn’t there fault, apparently the system said they had 4 tyres in, but one was a run flat?

Ste Brown

Had my service and MOT done here, great customer service and really helpful. Had a recent warning light appear and they have been extremely helpful in getting it resolved and cleared. They now have a customer for life.
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