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Sandra Howell

Thanks Jay, all running perfectly, no more squeaks or scrapping sounds! I felt compelled to write a fantastic review after receiving a particularly good service from this garage, my car is not easy being a Japanese import but Jay really went above and beyond to get me on the road again in the fastest time possible which caused the least disruption to my kids and works schedule. Much better experience than other local garages. Not too pricy either, I do believe they are the most honest option in the area. Chris is a very thorough and expert mechanic too, thanks Chris!

Peter Young

great service

christine young

Took my car to have a safety check today. Staff very pleasant..and safety check on point.

Charles Medawar

IMPRESSIVE AND VERY HELPFUL - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - This review is by way of thanks and recommendation – because this Kwik Fit branch seriously impressed me. I’d bought a new battery here late last year, then had an MoT three months later, when the ‘car health’ report from another garage flagged up a problem: “Replace Battery” the print-out said. Couldn’t believe it. Went back to Kwik Fit at probably the busiest time of their day and explained the problem to the supervisor. I was expecting to be told to wait, and then having to endure a quibble and, at best, some offer of a discount. Far from it: the supervisor immediate came over to the car, tested it and immediately pronounced the battery needed replacing and apologized; he explained that the manufacturer wouldn’t test all batteries, but just a few samples from every batch. So, we were in and out with a new battery inside 12 minutes. They were as helpful as they were honest and efficient. Great service: I’ll be back …

Makaie P

This garage is not that good- and it is a shame because it could have been really good considering it is ‘Kwick Fit’. Firstly, they have too many young Mechanics here. This could be worrying for a driver as people are aware experience is key when it comes to handling vehicles. If Kwick Fit are going to employ young people because it is cheaper labour, they could at least have an experienced (older) mechanic on site aswell so the young one’s can shadow and learn. Secondly, the older staff that are on site i.e. manager’s all they care about is commission . I bought my car to this garage for a brake test (March 2020) i had a funny feeling i was due new brake discs but i needed to check to see how soon this needed replacing. The manager that was on shift, said the test would be about an hour an he would ring me when it is over. When they contacted me back, the guy gave me a quote of £520. I was very surprised as i only just had a minor service in VW (Jan 2020). In the end i went somewhere else and received a very different quote that was significantly cheaper- £216. Do NOT go to this garage on less u need tyres changing, as there would not be much room for people who are on minimum wage to be desperate enough to tell you your car needs £500 worth of work. However, beware with tyre changes also as the staff will poorly align your tyres so your forced to get wheel alignment and pay an additional £79. Another problem i would like to address is the free tests Kwick Fit offer. Out of experience my advice would be: do not get any free test from Kwick fit. This is because when you do, they have to take one’s car apart; and believe me when they put it back together it is done very poorly. Again, this gives Kwick Fit leverage as the driver will recognise the car feels different and would associate this feeling with “maybe i need work done” when really the mechanic didn't fit the parts properly for example, after having a ‘free brake test’ my handbrake was very loose (i had to pull it up very high just for it to secure my car) and my steering wheel felt very light. Also, my brake fluid was very low even though i just had this topped up in Jan (came to this Kwick Fit in March 2020) . Advice to Kwick Fit Hampstead: employ older staff and pay them adequate amount of money for their time, that way they are less inclined to rip customers off because i am telling you if you continue this cycle you will find yourself going in to administration sooner than you think. ADVICE TO KWICK FIT MANAGERS HAMPSTEAD: if you are not getting paid enough, find another job that is paying you enough as oppose to standing behind a desk with your miserable face. It is not inviting or welcoming. This could be detrimental to business, and in long run you will have no customers coming in For you to RIP OFF.... Sort yourselves out!!
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