MICHELIN Track Connect FAQ

How does the Michelin Track Connect system work?

The application is intended for users with MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 connect tyres and a MICHELIN Track Connect kit. This mode solution enables the driver to time himself and follow the results in replay mode, monitor tyre temperature and pressure in real time and gives recommendations for adjusting tyre pressure to optimise performance and handling balance according to the weather conditions.


How does the lap timing work?

A timing line has been established for each circuit. The application geolocates the vehicle and automatically triggers timing when crossing this line to start / stop the time calculation. For the timing to be valid, the user must have, over a lap, an average speed of less than 200km/h and cross the timing line with an instantaneous speed of more than 80 km/h.

What smartphones are compatible with the app? 

For IOS systems, all phones from iPhone SE (1st generation) configured with a minimum version of IOS 13 are compatible.
For Android systems, devices must be Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) compatible. Samsung under 3 years old configured with a minimum Android 5.0 version are compatible.

Which dimensions and tyres are compatible? 

This system will work with the 47 MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect sizes.

Which vehicles can use this system?

To find out if Track Connect is compatible with your vehicle type, consult the list of the 270 compatible vehicles

How much does it cost to connect the MICHELIN Track Connect kit to my MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 connect tyres?

For the actual price, check your local retailer on the list of retailers attached. The kit is about half the price of a new set of Cup 2 tyres for your car. However, tests have shown that operating the tyre in the optimum conditions can double its number of high-performance laps on the circuit. Therefore, Connect can actually reduce your annual circuit tyre costs.

Where can you find the MICHELIN Track Connect system?

The app is available for download from your smartphone app store.

The MICHELIN Track Connect kit can be ordered and installed at participating automotive specialists (see attached list).

What should I do for the first time?

Once the system has been installed and paired by your dealer / installer, all you have to do is launch the application and press the START button to start your first connected driving session!

 How can I take advantage of the MICHELIN Track Connect solution with my other vehicles?

It is quite possible to take advantage of the MICHELIN Track Connect solution on all of your vehicles, provided that your other vehicles are compatible with the size list and fitted with MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 connect tyres.
To add another car, only the tyres and the sensors have to be purchased, the receiver box of your kit can be reused with all of your vehicles.
The new vehicle must be declared in your App (Menu '' My garage '', section "New car")

 Is it possible to buy only the sensors?

Yes, it is possible to buy only the sensors when they no longer work (estimated lifespan of three years) or when you want to connect another of your vehicles.


Do I have to create an account to be able to use the system?
Yes, this will allow you to easily retrieve all your information depending on whether you are on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Likewise, this will allow you to keep all of your data if you have to change one of your multimedia devices (smartphone, tablet or computer). Without creating an account, it is not possible to use the system.


How do I create a MICHELIN Track Connect account?
All you need to do is download the MICHELIN Track Connect application, select the “Register” button and enter your last name, first name and email address. By validating this information, you have just created your account.


How do I add a circuit or my vehicle?

Most sports cars participating in track days are integrated into the App. If your car is not one of the vehicles offered, you can request an addition directly in the App. Only the original tyre / vehicle tyre dimensions can be selected in the app. Individual tuning tyre dimensions are not supported. To add a circuit, you can make a request via the contact part of the application so that our teams can study the request.


What if a circuit I'm going to is not in the app? 
You have the option of requesting it to be created in the "Tours" menu, "Add a tour" section, or directly in the "Contact us" tab by selecting the "I can't find my circuit''. You can use the system in Road mode to monitor your tyre temperature and inflation pressure.


How to declare the sensors in the application? 
This step is done when configuring your vehicle in the application. Menu '' My garage '', select an existing vehicle or configure a new vehicle. Go down to the plan view of the vehicle around which there are 4 fields. Each field represents a tyre. Touch any of them to start pairing the sensors. If you are professional and have an ATEQ box, select Auto mode, otherwise select Manual mode.
For Auto mode, select the first tyre for which you want to declare the sensor. Front left dial for the front left tyre for example. Your ATEQ unit is able to wake up the sensor inside the tyre, forcing it to identify itself. You have just retrieved the identifier of the sensor present in the front left tyre on the vehicle. Proceed in the same way for the other 3 wheels and validate your configuration.
For Manual mode, select the first tyre for which you want to declare the sensor. Front left dial for the front left tyre for example. Deflate the tyre by a few psi until the sensor inside the tyre wakes up and identifies itself. You have just retrieved the sensor identifier present in the front left tyre on the vehicle. Proceed in the same way for the other 3 wheels and validate your configuration. Make sure that you reinflate the tyres correctly to the manufacturer’s cold inflation pressures.


If the receiver does not work what should I do?

Check that the cigarette lighter socket is working and that the connection is good. There should be a blue light on the corner of the receiver when it is activated.


Does the position of the receiver in the vehicle matter?

It is important to ensure that the receiver is placed in the centre of the vehicle, equidistant from the 4 wheels. We advise you to place the receiver between the driver's seat and the passenger seat. This position optimizes the quality of reception of the information sent by the sensors located in the tyres. If the receiver is not in the centre of the car, it is possible that part of the information from your tyres may not be correctly received.


How do I know that the receiver is operational? 

To operate, the receiver must be connected using one of the power cords supplied in the kit to a 5v socket (cigarette lighter or USB) in your vehicle. Once connected, a white indicator light flashes indicating that the receiver unit is powered on. A solid blue indicator light means your sensors and your phone app are communicating.

Good to know

Do the sensors withstand any speed?
The sensors have been designed for circuit use.


Do I have to buy the tyres and the connected package on the same day? 

No. The sensors can be fitted at any time to Michelin Connect tyres. However, if existing tyres are to be used, they will need to be removed from the wheel rim to install the sensors.  However, the biggest benefit from the Connect system is gained when using it in new tyres to optimise performance and longevity from the start.

Of course, since the kit can be reused from one set of tyres to another, subsequent replacement MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect tyres can be purchased on their own.


Who takes care of initializing the system?
The professional in charge of distributing and installing the MICHELIN Track Connect solution is also responsible for its initialization and pairing.


Is the system guaranteed?
The sensors and the receiver box are guaranteed for 2 years. In other words, if the sensors or your receiver fail within 24 months of initializing the solution, these items will be replaced with new.
Additional accessories such as the telephone holder, the power cables for the receiver box or the cigar lighter / USB adapter are not subject to any commercial warranty.


Is the system reusable once the tyres are worn out?
The sensors can be reused from one set of tyres to another provided that the tyres purchased are compatible with the system.


What is the lifespan of the system (sensors, receiver, etc.)?
There is no particular limit to the lifespan of the receiver as long as it is not subjected to shocks and if it is stored under normal conditions (dry, at temperatures between -20 ° C and + 35 ° C). The sensors are fitted with a battery with an estimated lifespan of 3 years (2-year commercial warranty). The sensor lithium battery is not replaceable. 


Can the MICHELIN Track Connect replace my car's TPMS system?
No, the MICHELIN Track Connect solution does not replace the safety and regulatory device fitted as standard on the vehicle. The MICHELIN Track Connect solution is an ancillary device that gives additional advice on tyre inflation pressure and temperature.


Do tyres equipped with sensors need to be stored under special conditions? 
There is no reason to store MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect tyres any differently from standard tyres. Remember that the ideal storage conditions are in a room where the temperature is stable and moderate, protected from light, damp and crushing.


Can the sensors be updated?
No, it is not currently planned that the sensors can undergo any update without being replaced. 


Can the receiver be updated? 

When your receiver can be updated, the application detects it and offers to perform an update from the vehicle details screen, in the `` My garage '' section. 


 Is it possible to replace the battery of the sensors?
No, the sensor contains a lithium battery which cannot be changed.


 Are the sensors sensitive to cold or heat?
The sensors are suitable for the conditions of use on the track. As an indication, the maximum operating temperature is limited to 120 ° C.


At the end of their life, what should I do with the sensors, is there a recycling channel?
The sensor contains a lithium battery which cannot be changed. It should be handed over to an authorized vehicle parts dealer or authorized centralized collection point for disposal in order to protect the environment and prevent violations of applicable laws. In accordance with European Directive 2006/66 / EC for the European market, products must be collected at the end of their useful life so that the lithium batteries they contain can be removed and recycled. 


 Do I have to re-pair my phone and the receiver each time I use it?
No, the technology used, Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth 4.0, only requires pairing when the system is initialized, when it is started up for the first time (Configuration menu in the `` My garage '' app, section "Receiver"). Subsequently, the phone and the receiver box will reconnect automatically each time the App is started, provided that the phone's Bluetooth is activated, and the receiver is powered on.


 What happens if I change my phone?
Changing the phone involves reinstalling the app on the new phone. All of your parameters inherent to your vehicle (s) including data relating to the position of your sensors are stored in your account. Re-pairing with the receiver box is not necessary, the latter's reference being stored in your account data. Once the application has been reinstalled on your new phone, select '' Login '', enter your login and password for your account. You will then recover all your information.


What if the phone does not detect the receiver?
The first thing to check is that the phone's Bluetooth is turned on and the receiver is turned on. For this it must be connected to a power source. A flashing white indicator light tells you that the receiver is powered on. 
If the phone's Bluetooth is properly activated, this type of malfunction can be resolved by unpairing the phone and the receiver box. In this case, you will have to re-pair the phone and the box. To do this, start the App, go to the '' My garage '' menu, Receiver section, ensure that the receiver is switched on and restart the scan of nearby Bluetooth devices. The reference of the receiver should appear. Select it. Your telephone and your receiver are now paired. 
If this does not work, unplug the receiver box for 1 minute, restart your phone and repeat the pairing procedure explained above.


What happens if one of your tyres gets damaged?
You should seek advice from a tyre professional. It might be possible to repair the tyre. If the repair involves removing the tyre, ensure that the sensor is not ejected when the tyre is reassembled on the rim.


What if you need to change your tyres?
Since your sensors are reusable (within the limit of their battery life, around 3 years), you will need to replace your tyres at one of the points of sale that are part of the approved network to distribute the solution and thus benefit from your MICHELIN Track Connect kit on your new tyres.


Can I leave the receiver plugged in at all times?
Yes, but be careful if your USB or cigarette lighter port is connected to the permanent + 12V, there is a risk of discharging your battery if you stay in parking mode for a long time.

How do I create a MICHELIN Track Connect account?

All you need to do is download the MICHELIN Track Connect application, select the “Register” button and enter your last name, first name, email address, and your MICHELIN TRACK CONNECT number (indicated on the back of the box)… By validating this information, you have just created your account.

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