Tyre pressure for Vauxhall

How to use the Michelin Tyre Selector to find the recommended tyre pressure for your Vauxhall

The Michelin Tyre Guide not only helps you to find the right tyre for your Vauxhall but also provides the recommended tyre pressure for your Vauxhall. The most accurate way to get the tyre pressure information remains the indicator on the air valve and either the label on the inside front door of your car or the vehicle instruction manual. These references relate to the tyre pressure recommended by the car manufacturer.

First, select the criteria specific to your Vauxhall using the Michelin Tyre Selector filers and then click the button "See Results".

Once this action is completed, scroll up slightly and you'll find the Tyre pressure indicated above the car pictogram.

Please note that some car manufacturers often propose an alternative tyre pressure for particular winter tyres. The best way is to check the tyre pressure label on your car door or check with your car manufacturers maintenance guide.

Start with the MICHELIN Tyre Selector to find the tyre pressure for your Vauxhall.

The stated tyre pressures are indicative values. The recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle is listed in the maintenance guide, displayed on a sticker on the inside front door (often passenger side) or even on the vehicles fuel cap.

Whilst these fitments are considered safe for the bikes listed, Regulations covering tyre usage vary depending on the Country of use.  It is always necessary to check that the fitment and combination of tyres is acceptable both for your bike and for the local Regulations.