What is the right tyre pressure for my Winter Tyres?

Maintaining your tyres, especially in terms of tyre pressure, is of the 
utmost importance for safe driving.


Learn about the right pressure for your winter tyres.

When should I check my tyre pressure?

Tyres naturally lose air over time, which means you need to adjust their pressure regularly (we recommend monthly), no matter what type of tyres they are (summer, winter, or all season). Periodically checking the pressure will also ensure you notice any unusual loss of pressure in one tyre compared to the others, which could indicate a leak.

It’s also advisable to check your tyre pressure before heading out on a long road trip or if the vehicle is carrying a heavy load. Remember to measure tyre pressure when your tyres are “cold” (after driving your vehicle less than 3 km).

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Adjust your tyre pressure for winter

Winter temperatures have a direct impact on your tyres: when the temperature falls, so does the pressure of your tyres.

Check your tyre pressure once a month to make any necessary adjustments.

Winter tyres: Be careful to adjust the pressure in the right conditions!

We’d always recommend checking and altering your tyre pressure at the ambient outside temperature.

If you have to inflate inside, once you’ve done this, leave the vehicle outside to acclimatise and check the pressures are correct before driving the vehicle. 

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The most important things to know about how to drive in winter

It is essential to follow the tyre pressure recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. You can find the relevant information in one of the following places:

  • on the vehicle itself (on a car door or the fuel hatch);
  • in the vehicle’s user manual;
  • in the recommendations from the manufacturer or in a professional automobile guide.

Underinflation can have a significant effect on the handling of the vehicle and cause the tyres to wear unevenly. The same is true of over-inflation. Checking the tyre pressure regularly minimises wear on your tyres.

Finding the right MICHELIN tyre

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