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John Richards

Great scooter shop


The worst place to take your scooter to be fixed, they tell you it needs way more things that it really does. I have been taking three years my vespa and they totally destroyed it. Also they kept putting nails in the wheels every time i had it serviced (5 times in 3 years) and the excuse was always that London is full of them in the street. Is truly the last place i would recommend being Mauro the mechanic and being charged by another person.

Laurence O'Mahony

Best place to buy a new Vespa.

Jeannie Mies

R Aigus knows scooters full stop...more importantly R Aigus knows customer service amen. Whilst between garages and after an incident, I was met with impeccable service, kindness and a can-do attitude from Mauro, Claude and David. This team obviously loves what they do and those of us on bikes lucky to know them are all the better off for it! thanks guys!

Thomas Thorn

I honestly cannot speak highly enough of this place, nor the family who run it. I've bought a scooter from them which they have maintained to an excellent standard for me ever since. They offer honesty, good value, expert knowledge, great customer care, and very high standards of work. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
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