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The MICHELIN tyre combining sturdiness, flexibility, and grip. A sure thing for “pros” and amateurs alike.

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moto picto picto look pneu tyres

moto picto picto look pneu tyres

Designed to make moving from side to side a breeze

Thanks to its lighter weight, the MICHELIN Trial Light Competition* facilitates your progress along the track. Your motorcycle literally flies over obstacles. You gain in effectiveness and your performance improves. Also available in a radial version: MICHELIN Trial X-Light Competition.


* MICHELIN Trial Light (front and back) is 6% lighter than the MICHELIN Trial Competition (front and back).

moto logo technologie mcp tyres

moto logo technologie mcp tyres

An exclusive technology: the "maximized contact patch"

The Trial Light Competition* features a carcass that is suitable for the trial track. It adapts to and takes the form of every obstacle it crosses. Weave in and out of rocks thanks to its unique performance capacities and exclusive design.

moto picto performance tyres

moto picto performance tyres

The tyre of champions

2014 and 2015 Indoor Trial World Champion and 2014 Outdoor Trial World Champion for the 9th straight time with Toni Bou.

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Does this tyre fit my vehicle?

3 sizes available for this tyre




4.00 R18 64M (Trial Competition X11)
Width 4
Rim Size 18
Load Index 64
Speed Index M
2.75 -21 45M (Trial Competition)
Width 2.75
Rim Size 21
Load Index 45
Speed Index M
80/100 -21 51M (Trial Light)
Width 80
Aspect Ratio 100
Rim Size 21
Load Index 51
Speed Index M
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