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Agilis AlpinMICHELIN Agilis Alpin

Agilis Alpin
  • Winter

Designed for all utility vehicles and vans (over 2.8 tonnes GVW)

For professional users, MICHELIN Agilis Alpin provides improved performance in all winter conditions, as well as being more economical to run and more robust(1)!

Product Benefits

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  • Available sizes

    Section Width 185 - 235
    Height 60 - 75
    Rim Diameter 15 - 17
    Load Index 99 - 116
    Speed Symbol R, T

Product Benefits

  • Even more safety and mobility

    • Braking distances nearly 2 m shorter(1) on icy and wet roads.
    • With 25% more traction* on snow.

  • More mileage

    20% more mileage(1)

  • More robust

    MICHELIN Agilis Alpin features the same impact-resistant sidewalls as its predecessor, while also providing better protection from abrasion.


  • Image A unique tread that features open shoulders and widely spaced blocks

    A unique tread that features open shoulders and widely spaced blocks (like SUV tyres) to improve traction in the snow.

  • MICHELIN Agilis Alpin contact patch (left hand side) <br/> The previous generation MICHELIN Agilis 81 Snow-ICE contact patch (right hand side)

    MICHELIN “Durable Contact Patch” technology developed for truck tyres:

    a larger, squarer contact patch puts 27% more rubber(1) on the road, for better grip on ice.

  • Bidirectional sipes (left hand side) Variable geometry (right hand side)

    MICHELIN Stabiligrip technology 16% sipes(1) provide a claw-like effect on snow.

    With their three-dimensional design, these self-blocking, variable-geometry sipes give the tread blocks – and the tyre – greater stability.

  • MICHELIN “Durable Contact Patch”

    Thanks to MICHELIN “Durable Contact Patch” technology, which puts 27% more rubber(1) on the road, and the tread’s more wearresistant compounds, the MICHELIN Agilis Alpin lasts even longer.

  • image 8 sidewall shields

    8 sidewall shields

    As with the MICHELIN Agilis summer tyre lineup, the eight sidewall shields are positioned to provide the tyre with optimal protection in all situations.
    Combined with the dual-casing architecture, the shields enable motorists to benefit fully from the tyre’s longer tread life.

Sizes and labelling classes

Section Width Height Rim Diameter Load Speed Specification EU TYRE LABELLING
185 75 R 16 104 R E B 70dB
195 70 R 15 104 R E B 70dB
195 75 R 16 107 R E B 70dB
195 65 R 16 104 R E B 70dB
195 60 R 16 99 T F B 70dB
205 70 R 15 106 R E B 71dB
205 75 R 16 110 R C B 71dB
205 65 R 16 107 T E B 71dB
215 70 R 15 109 R E B 71dB
215 75 R 16 113 R C B 71dB
215 75 R 16 116 R C B 71dB
215 65 R 16 109 R E B 71dB
215 60 R 17 109 T E B 71dB
225 70 R 15 112 R C B 71dB
225 65 R 16 112 R E B 71dB
235 65 R 16 115 R E B 71dB

Legal mentions

(1) Compared to the previous-generation tyre. Internal test 2007 on 195/65 R 16 104 Q.

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