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MICHELIN Airstop inner tube

The Tyre of your classic car maintains its correct pressure over times 

Technical characteristics of MICHELIN Airstop inner tubes

Tube type and Tubeless
• Tube type : inner tube separate from the tyre.
• Tubeless : inner tube incorporated into the tyre. Requires a airtight wheel.
It is advisable to fit new Michelin tubes into new Michelin tube type tyres and also in tubeless tyres if the wheel is not suitable for tubeless fitments. It is essential that they are fitted correctly and especially important to avoid the possibility of trapping air between the tyre and the tube. To facilitate this the tube should always be lightly coated with French chalk and inflated slowly. The air between the tube and the tyre should be allowed to escape by depressing the valve into the vale hole. Michelin tyres of lower aspect ratio than 70% are not designed for use with tubes, no suitable tubes are produced and no attempt must be made to fit any tubes in these tyres

Find the right inner tube for your classic car 

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