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Reduce noise in your car with Michelin acoustic technology

When you're driving on the highway, speed increases the noise inside the cabin, which can of course cause an unpleasant and tiring driving experience. To overcome this inconvenience, Michelin has developed acoustic technology to create quiet tyres that significantly reduce noise in the car without compromising performance.

Find out how it works.


michelin acoustic technology

Why do we hear noise in the cabin?

To fully understand the effectiveness of our solution, it is useful to explain the source of the perceived noise. The noise you hear in the cabin is not generated by the tyres. It's actually the indentations of the road that beat against the tyre tread, generating vibrations of varying degrees depending on the quality of the road, the speed and the vehicle.

Because a tyre is hollow and contains compressed air, it acts as a resonance chamber, somewhat like a drum with a stretched skin. As a result, the sound of vibrations is amplified and people inside the car hear an unpleasant buzzing noise, especially when the vehicle is electric, as the engine is silent.

MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV tread pattern

A special technology for quiet tyres

We have developed a solution to design quiet tyres in order to improve acoustic comfort in the cabin. The solution, MICHELIN Acoustic Technology which effectively reduces noise in the car caused by the road.

The result is a significant reduction of interior noise by approximately 20%(1).


A foam solution to muffle noise

A custom designed polyurethane foam solution reduces noise in the car by muffling its resonance, which allows the drivers and passengers to benefit fully from hands-free communication devices while lessening driver fatigue on long drives. MICHELIN Acoustic Technology even dampens interior noise when driving on changing road conditions.

MICHELIN Acoustic technology

A custom designed polyurethane foam solution helps to
reduce noise in the car by muffling its resonance

A tread pattern to make tyres quieter

Not only does this special foam muffle road noise, but the tread pattern is also designed to make tyres quieter. To do this, we use a simulation tool (Piano Noise Reduction), prior to development, which enables us to study the correct arrangement of the structural blocks of the tyre tread pattern.

Because a tread pattern with blocks of the same width generates a frequency, and therefore noise, when rolling. So, to avoid noise generated by the repetition of the tread pattern, we make sure that the blocks of the tread pattern are of different widths without compromising the tyre's performance.

Piano Noise Reduction

What does the value in decibels on a tyre label mean?

At the very bottom of the tyre label is a value in decibels.

It is important to note that this value expresses the noise emitted outside the vehicle and not the quality of the interior acoustics. 

Tyre label

Which MICHELIN tyres have acoustic technology?

The quantity of foam varies according to the type of frequencies to be suppressed. And these are closely linked to the vehicle. That's why this technology is designed in co-development with vehicle manufacturers. In other words, tyres equipped with MICHELIN Acoustic Technology are exclusively designed as OE (Original Equipment), i.e. they are already fitted to vehicles at the time of purchase, to ensure optimum efficiency for the related frequencies. All to make your journeys more enjoyable and less tiring. 

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Legal mentions

(1) MICHELIN Acoustic Technology reduces the perceived noise level, inside the car, by nearly 20% (Internal noise measurement, done in 2020 on size 245/45 R19 on KIA Cadenza. Noise level measured on the range "170-230Hz".) Results may vary according to vehicle, tyre range and size, speed and road conditions.

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