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michelin bike road techno skinned tubulars uk

MICHELIN tubulars must be glued to a rim without metal or carbon hooks using glue or special double-sided tape for simplicity.

michelin bike road techno skinned tubeless uk

MICHELIN TUBELESS READY tyres can be fitted with or without without an inner tube if a Tubeless UST or Tubeless Ready compatible wheel is used. The maximum recommended pressure must not be exceed. Sealant must be added. Tyre pressure must be checked before every ride. Michelin advises to check with the wheel manufacturer to ensure tubeless ready compatibility.

tubeless ready
michelin bike road techno skinned tubetype uk

MICHELIN tyres (Tubetype or Tubeless Ready) fit onto hooked metal or carbon rims with an inner tube.


Rubber characteristics produce different tyre performances. Rubber technology can improve tyre grip, efficiency and longevity.

gum x technology

MICHELIN Gum-X technology delivers strong rolling efficiency while delivering a good level of grip. For each product, a different MICHELIN Gum-X version delivers the tyre performance required.

  • On the MICHELIN Power Time Trial, MICHELIN Gum-X technology provides the highest level of rolling efficiency.
  • On the MICHELIN Power Cup, MICHELIN Gum-X technology gives the best balance between rolling efficiency and wet grip.
  • On the MICHELIN Power All Season, MICHELIN Gum-X technology is designed for a max of traction for wet and cold conditions.


comparison road shield technology uk
aramid shield technology

Very high density aramid reinforcement in the casing to provide strength at the summit of the tyre and significantly reduce the number of punctures.

tubeless shield technology

Provides the Tubeless Ready performance of the tyre. Combined with sealant, it helps to maintain optimal pressure for road rides.

hi density shield technology

Hi-Density Shield technology, a cross-laid reinforcement on the crown covering the tread.


grip design technology



Tread pattern designed to provide grip, even in corners, for fast road use.(Range: MICHELIN Power Cup Tubular).

hi grip design technology


Tread pattern designed to provide grip even in corners for road use, in all weather conditions.(Range: MICHELIN Power All season).


disc brake ready technology

MICHELIN Disc Brake Ready technology allows the tyre to withstand the extra braking from bicycles with disc brakes thanks to a specially adapted rubber.

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