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On a daily basis, your motorcycle or scooter carries you across the city. Our tyres are optimised to suit demanding and reactive riding. The commuter tyres' renowned technologies guarantee excellent grip and optimal, long-lasting handling.

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  • Mud and Snow

Your trusted ally on dry or wet surfaces, in the city or on open roads, whatever the season

Safety and stable handling for your maxi-scooter on dry and wet roads

Safety and sporty performance for your maxi-scooter on dry and wet roads

Specifically developed for electric scooters

The first scooter tyres with sipes, MICHELIN City Grip are THE go-to tyres chosen by most major scooter manufacturers.

Grip and sporty performance for your scooter in town and out.

Riding is pure pleasure with this radial revolution for small capacity motorcycles and up. Enjoy sporty riding with great performance.

The versatile tyre for your urban and everyday use 

Durable and reliable for a trouble-free ride

A sporty look and essential tyre performance for your scooter