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Michelin, Official MotoE™ Tyre Supplier

Michelin once again demonstrates its pioneering spirit and, as the exclusive supplier of the FIM Fenel MotoETM World Championship, which features in 2024 100% electric Ducati motorcycles, launches a new tyre with a new aesthetic, a reminder of its "All Sustainable" commitment.
The MICHELIN Power Slick tyres are made with an average of more than 50% renewable and recycled materials (49% front and 53% rear). 

FIM MotoE WORLD CUP, an accelerator for sustainable solutions - Michelin Motorsport

MotoETM is Michelin's accelerator of innovation to also prepare for tomorrow's electric two-wheel mobility; with "field" analysis and "smart data" at the heart of development.

A new level of renewable and recycled materials integrated into MotoETM tyres, while improving performance

Through competition, Michelin innovates, experiments, learns and transmits. This allows the Group to accelerate the development of new sustainable solutions, tested in extreme situations and in record time, to make them available on tyres to as many people as possible

Michelin's participation in the MotoETM World Championship represents a unique field of innovation for the Group, enabling it to accelerate the integration of renewable or recycled materials into its tyres and to broaden its knowledge of electromobility, in order to feed the development of commercial ranges quicker.

In 2024, Michelin's development teams reached a historic milestone with the introduction of an average of more than 50% renewable and recycled materials (49% at the front tyre and 53% at the rear tyre) in MotoETM tyres, which corresponds to 6 points more than the previous season

The integration of renewable or recycled materials instead of petro-sourced materials represents a contribution to reducing the impact on our planet's resources, while improving the performance of the tyres, as mentioned by the feedback from the drivers who tested these tyres for the first time at the Portimao circuit in February 2024. 

The manufacture of MotoETM tyres has seen the integration of a wide range of renewable or recycled materials, in particular from rubber tree sap (natural rubber), scrapped tyres from vans and cars (recycled carbon black), orange or lemon peel (Limonene resin), fir resin, sunflower oil, recycled steel from scrap metal.

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Renewable and recycled materials

Renewable or recycled materials: fundamental but not sufficient to reduce the environmental impact

In its overall approach to reduce the environmental impact, Michelin considers the integration of renewable or recycled materials to be a fundamental element, but not sufficient. 

Nowadays, a tyre made with 100% renewable and recycled materials would not be sustainable because, beyond the integration of these renewable or recycled materials, action must be taken to limit the environmental impact of the tyre. And therefore limit CO2 emissions, in all stages of its life cycle (from the supply of raw materials, through production and use, to the recycling phase), without degrading performance and taking into account the real possibilities of large-scale industrialization of these materials.
Michelin is committed to ensuring that the design and manufacture of its tyres take all these aspects into account.

MotoETM tyres were among the first to benefit from this comprehensive approach because Motorsport is a testing ground and a breeding ground for technological innovations. Michelin is convinced that technological progress is one of the answers to environmental challenges. It makes it possible to push ever further the principles of circular economy, the reduction of carbon emissions, and the preservation of resources.

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The MotoETM tyre with a new design reminiscent of the Group's ambition: an "All-Sustainable" tyre

Michelin unveils new MICHELIN Power slick MotoE tires - Michelin Motorsport

In 2024, Michelin has dressed the tread of its MotoETM rear tyres in an ephemeral velvet livery. This unique design, called "Race to VISION", evokes the design of the Michelin VISION Concept. Presented in 2017, VISION is an illustration of Michelin's sustainable development model in the tyre field by 2050

With VISION, Michelin is committed to taking up a huge challenge for safer mobility, with less impact on the environment and available to all, taking into account both innovation and environmental responsibility. More than just a futuristic vision, it is the roadmap of all Michelin entities, and therefore of the Motorsport department, which demonstrates, year after year, the relevance and progress of its activity. 

The livery of the MotoETM rear tyres is therefore a reminder of Michelin's ambition to continue to improve the tyre's performance, while also responding to the environmental emergency. This livery is also a reminder of Michelin's desire to draw inspiration from biomimicry to imagine the tyre of tomorrow.

Michelin accelerates innovation by unveiling the new MICHELIN Power Slick MotoE tyres, which include over 50% of renewable and recycled raw materials (front: 49% & rear: 53%). Find out the design of the rear MICHELIN Power Slick MotoE tyre inspired by Michelin's VISION Concept

Dive into the Behind the Scenes of MICHELIN Power MotoETM tyres with Allan McNish

#1 - Tyre conception

Dive into the high-closed world of Michelin manufacturing with Allan McNish. Uncover the secrets behind tyre design and manufacturing.

Tire conception - Behind the scenes of MICHELIN Power MotoE - Michelin Motorsport

#2 - Tyre manufacturing

Rev up your curiosity! Dive into the heart of the Michelin factory with Allan McNish, where the MICHELIN Power MotoE tyres come to life.

Tire manufacturing - Behind the scenes of MICHELIN Power MotoE - Michelin Motorsport

#3 - Tyres on track

Dive into the thrilling behind-the-scenes of a MotoE™ race: paddock, trackside, MICHELIN tyres, and meet & greet with the riders.

Tires on track - Behind the scenes of MICHELIN Power MotoE - Michelin Motorsport

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We are the tyre manufacturer with the most victories in the Major FIA and FIM World championships over the last 50 years(2).
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Motorsport, an accelerator of innovation
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