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Hyundai & Michelin

A successful long-term partnership for performance and innovation
hyundai x michelin

Hyundai is a worldwide actor with a global footprint. At Hyundai, they aim to become a company cherished for realizing humanity’s dream of safe and free movement and a peaceful life. It's no coincidence that Hyundai and Michelin Teams are working closely together for a better life in motion.


In 2022, Hyundai and Michelin announced the signing of a partnership to develop next-generation tyres optimised for premium electric vehicles:

  • Developing eco-designed tyres, using renewable bio-sourced and recycled raw materials,
  • Securing tyre performance to accommodate increase in vehicle weight,
  • Collaborating to secure premium tyre technology that provide future mobility solutions,
  • And joint research to develop tyre monitoring system.
ioniq5 sideview

The IONIQ5, Hyundai pure electric vehicle

In 2017, Hyundai Motor & Michelin signed a first partnership agreement to optimise the performance of EV and luxury vehicles. This led to the development of exclusive Hyundai Ioniq5 tyres. The Hyundai Ioniq 5, 2022 world car of the year, world electric vehicle of the year and world car design of the year, is fitted with exclusively co-developed MICHELIN tyres.

MICHELIN tyres offer a high level of performance, handling, braking, long tyre tread life, and low rolling resistance despite the demanding high torque transmission from high-performance electric vehicles.


goe marking final

MICHELIN develops HN marked tyres for Hyundai N specific car models and GOE marked tyres (also fitted on luxury Genesis car models from Hyundai Motor Group).

HN & GOE marked MICHELIN tyres are designed specifically by Michelin engineers in close collaboration with Hyundai and Genesis. When it comes to developing tyres, we use our expertise to select the best technologies and materials as a function of the individual characteristics of each car model, thereby ensuring the best performance and a truly unique driving experience!

Only HN & GOE marked tyres give you full assurance that you are buying a tyre specially designed and tested for your Hyundai.​

MICHELIN AcousticTM technology for a better driving experience

Internal noise caused by the tyres is a major concern with noiseless engines of EVs.

The sound damping effect is obtained through a custom designed polyurethane foam solution exceptionally applied to the tyre interior after curing. The polyurethane foam muffles noise resonance inside the tyre cavity. Thanks to MICHELIN AcousticTM technology, the internal noise of the vehicle can be reduced by nearly 20%.(1)


acoustic technology
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(1) MICHELIN Acoustic Technology reduces the perceived noise level, inside the car, by nearly 20% (Internal noise measurement, done in 2020 on size 245/45 R19 on KIA Cadenza. Noise level measured on the range "170-230Hz".) Results may vary according to vehicle, tyre range and size, speed and road conditions.

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