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Michelin motorcycle tyre reviews

Michelin started supplying the first motorcycles over a century ago, making it one of the brands with the longest history in the development of two-wheel tyres. If you're wondering if the best motorcycle tyres are Michelin's, please check out the following facts, awards and reviews from independent tyre testers and users.

3 good reasons to choose MICHELIN tyres for your motorcycle

gp portugal

1 - We constantly innovate to achieve the best performance

Michelin has been constantly innovating for over 125 years to improve motorcycle tyre technology, as evidenced by these key innovations:

  • 1974: Michelin introduced slick tyres for the first time in a motorcycle Grand Prix
  • 1983: Michelin developed the first radial tyre in the GP 500
  • 1992: Michelin invented the first racing tyre with silica integrated into the rubber compound
  • 1997: Michelin innovated with ZR technology for motorcycle tyres
  • 1999: Michelin introduced Pilot Sport which provided riders with hypersport performance on the road
  • 2005: Michelin developed Power Race tyre, the first sport tyre approved for road use with MICHELIN 2CT technology .
  • 2014: Launch of the MICHELIN Pilot Road 4, with the GT version using revolutionary MICHELIN 2AT Dual elements of both radial and bias.
  • 2016: Michelin back again in MotoGP™ - the perfect test labor for newest innovations of our competition to street tyres.
  • 2018: Introduction of the new sports touring radial MICHELIN Road 5 with new technologies that provide excellent wet grip, even after 5000 km..
  • 2022: Introduction of the MICHELIN Road 6 range which improves MICHELIN Road 5 benefits offering +15% more grip in wet conditions thanks to 100% Silica Technology and a brand new tread pattern.

Thanks to the high performance of its tyres, Michelin is an official supplier to MotoGP™, the competition that brings together the world's best riders every year.

Trial competition

2 - We have created a family of tyres for every use

Although Michelin tyres have demonstrated excellence in competition, our brand has not just made tyres for the track. We have developed families of tyres to meet your needs, whatever you use your motorcycle for:

  • sport touring
  • cruising
  • trail
  • track
  • motocross
  • enduro
  • rally
  • trial
  • urban mobility

And whatever the field, we are committed to providing you with quality, high performance tyres and an exceptional riding experience.

review tyre

3 - Independent magazines and users recommend our tyres

Michelin is a multi awarded brand by famous prescribers(1): our tyres are awarded and recommended by independent magazines which regularly test tyres of all premium brands under strict conditions to assess their performance and give their opinion.  MOTORRAD, for example, is a biweekly German motorbike magazine with a world wide reputation. With over 2 million readers per year , it is Europe's largest magazine for this target audience. (*source Motor Presse Stuttgart)

Below you will find awards and reviews that MOTORRAD has given to some of our motorcycle tyres, as well as user reviews (Michelin has a rating of 4,68/5 (23 237 reviews) on average on their tyres(2)).

Motorcycle tyre reviews about MICHELIN Power 5

MICHELIN Power 5 is the sporty road tyre choice with an excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces.

Motorrad magazine awards and reviews

MICHELIN Power 5 shines with no less than three recommendations for purchase in 2022:

power5 michelin kt nässe mrd62022 en

For wetness

power5 michelin kt verschleiss mrd62022 en

For tyre wear

power5 michelin kt landstraße mrd62022 en

For country road

Its great feedback and extremely good handling clearly make the Power 5 a top tyre for anyone who rides a sports bike or roadster on their daily commute. Even some reluctant motorbikes can exploit their potential with the MICHELIN Power 5."

"The feeling of contact with the road remains extremely good, even on cold days. As the kilometres go by, the quality is there."

"With the Power 5, Michelin is continuing the tradition of offering the best road tyres for all weather conditions for superbikes and Co."

"... prepared for the worst case and the worst weather with the best equipment..."

"Rain? Michelin! In fact, there's no need for words for this part of the test!"

"When you are on the road, its qualities are phenomenal!"

"Whoever [...] chooses the MICHELIN Power 5 will have the best hypersport tyre for the road and will be sure that there is currently nothing better for wet roads. This tyre is also a real long-distance runner when it comes to wear.

MICHELIN Power 5 - © Florent Giffard

In 2021, MICHELIN Power 5 was also MOTORRAD's purchase tip for "Country Road & Wetness" and rated "Very Good".

PS Sport Motorrad magazine awards and reviews


MICHELIN Power 5 was also rated "Very Good" by PS Sport Motorrad Magazine, and chosen as the test winner for "Wet" (2021).

Fabulous handling coupled with high precision characterise the French tyre. It's just great to see how easily the Yamaha bends with the Power 5.

Consumer reviews

frame 3 power 5

Reviewed by Micah (UK) - May 26, 2021

Tyres are amazing. Best street tyre ever

 Yes, I recommend this tyre

frame 3 power 5

Reviewed by Sergey (UK) - May 26, 2021

Stable, predictable, excellent in wet.

 Yes, I recommend this tyre

frame 3 power 5

Reviewed by Steven (UK) - May 26, 2021

Perfect all season tyre. Im about to grab my 3rd set. Used them in every weather from hot days, heavy rain & even light snow. My power 5’s have never failed me. They are the perfect tyre to stay rubber down!

Yes, I recommend this tyre

Learn more about MICHELIN Power 5

Motorcycle tyre reviews about MICHELIN Road 6 GT

MICHELIN Road 6 GT, suitable for heavy touring motorcycles, is the new GT version of the acclaimed MICHELIN Road tyre. Designed for new adventures and even better on wet roads.

motorrad michelin road 6 gt

Motorrad magazine awards and reviews

MICHELIN Road 6 GT is the winner of the 2022 MOTORRAD magazine sport touring test.

Wet test

The Road 6 GT shines with its proven 2CT dual compound technology [...] Grip, confidence in grip performance [...] and feedback are at the highest level.


The number six convinces with its perfect and very clear feedback in cold weather, even when the temperatures in spring or autumn are a bit cooler. No other tyre tested in this respect has the same properties. In terms of handling, the Michelin tyre also scores well against its competitors. The same applies to its damping capacity. 

mg 0840 1

Consumer review

roat 6 gt

Ride in rain or shine in pure confidence.

Reviewed by XUFAR (UK) - September 9, 2022

[...] Overall if you are looking for the best do it all tyre,this road 6 GT is the one to get. Im verry pleased and satisfied with this tyre performance so far.

Yes, I recommend this tyre

roat 6 gt

Most amazing tyre ever

Reviewed by Navy_Slug (UK) - July 4, 2022

[...] after 8700 miles (14000 km) my bike went through an MOT without any advisories so that’s a remarkable recommendation for this tyre and it’s awesome compound.

Yes, I recommend this tyre

Learn more about MICHELIN Road 6 GT

MICHELIN Commander III Cruiser

MICHELIN Commander III Cruiser offers wet grip, longevity and handling performance for your cruiser motorbike.

motorrad commander III cruiser

MOTORRAD magazine awards and reviews

MICHELIN Commander III Cruiser won first place in Motorrad's test and rated "Very Good" (2020).

 ... Michelin brings a great deal of expertise to the field of everyday tyres - the motto of the Pilot Power family."

"The MICHELIN Commander III tread compounds with silica-enriched compounds show their performance in the wet."

"Nobody beats these top scores!"

"With the Commander III, Michelin continues its tradition of not letting the spotlight steal on wet performance. Let's sum up this impressive performance in one word: Test winner!

michelin commander iii cruiser

Consumer reviews

commander iii cruiser

Excellent grip

Reviewed by BykaChic (UK) - July 17, 2022

I have road through miles of blinding, torrential downpours and not once did I feel any slide or loss of traction. I ran 2's for a few years and decided to try these. Highly recommended.

Yes, I recommend this tyre

commander iii cruiser

Awesome Tyres

Reviewed by Cross Country Joe (UK) - July 8, 2022

These are Phenomenal Tyres!! Grip, and excellent wear! I've got almost 11,000 miles on mine!!

Yes, I recommend this tyre

commander iii cruiser

Reviewed by Bill (UK) - May 26, 2021

I didn't believe that I was experienced enough to tell the difference between sets of tyres until this set. The Commanders made such a dramatic difference in smoothness and handling that even I couldn't miss it.

Yes, I recommend this tyre

Learn more about MICHELIN Commander III Cruiser

Motorcycle tyre reviews about MICHELIN Anakee Adventure

MICHELIN Anakee Adventure is a trail tyre designed for on-road and off-road use, with an enhanced grip and remarkable handling and stability.

motorrad anakee adventure

Motorrad magazine recommendation

MICHELIN Anakee Adventure was MOTORRAD's purchase tip for rain tyres in 2019.

MICHELIN Anakee Adventure
MICHELIN Anakee Adventure

Great multipurpose tyre

Reviewed by Ozzy (UK) - July 22, 2021

On my enduro-style bike. Give great road grip in wet and dry and can handle light off-road surfaces as well. Getting another set for my street scrambler project!

Yes, I recommend this tyre

MICHELIN Anakee Adventure

JBMW Adventure

Reviewed by JBMW (UK) - June 2, 2021

Excellent tyres, a little noisy when new, ok after some miles

Learn more about MICHELIN Anakee Adventure

In this article we have presented a sample of motorcycle tyres from our wide range.

You can easily find the best motorcycle tyre for your use with our tool below:

(1) For motorcycle and passenger car tyre test magazines.
(2) Average based on rated reviews collected between August 22, 2021 and August 22, 2022, on 37 Michelin products, via 48 websites and in 13 countries (Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States) - Study conducted by Michelin.

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