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How to choose the best off-road van tyres

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To choose the best off-road van tyres, it is important to consider the right criteria for your use. Read on to find out how to make the right choice for your van.

Off-road or all terrain van tyres?

First of all, it is important to understand the difference between "off-road van tyres" and "all terrain van tyres". What is commonly referred to as "off-road" are rough natural environments for which a van is not designed. Only four-wheel drive vehicles, known as 4x4s, are designed to be able to drive in such conditions.

However, a van may have to travel over more difficult terrain than the tarmac of the traditional road.

What type of terrains do you drive on?

Whether on grass, wet or muddy ground, snow, gravel or cobbles, you may find yourself driving on slippery or loose surfaces that can block your vehicle, bog it down or simply compromise your safety.

The context of your activity may lead you to drive over difficult terrain or obstacles. You will probably recognise your context in the cases listed below:

The thick, reinforced sidewalls of the MICHELIN Agilis make it an excellent off-road tyre for vans.

1 - You drive mostly in the city

For example, if you make deliveries in the city all day long, kerbside bumps can occur.

You may also find potholes forming on roads that have been worn down by time and weather.

To limit the risk of tyre hernia (visible rippling on the sidewall), we recommend equipping your van with thick, reinforced sidewalls such as MICHELIN Agilis 3 (summer) and MICHELIN Agilis Alpin (winter) or MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate (all-season).

The thick, reinforced sidewalls of the MICHELIN Agilis make it an excellent off-road tyre for vans.

2 - You drive on construction sites

If your activity requires you to drive your van on construction sites, your vehicle is confronted with particularly difficult surfaces, for example with mud and stones, that require robust tyres particularly resistant to cuts and punctures.

In this case, we recommend equipping your van with MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate tyres, which you can keep all year round, even in the event of moderate snowfall, or MICHELIN Agilis Alpin for harsher winters.

A good all-terrain van tyre must be able to withstand the difficult surfaces of construction sites

3 - You mostly drive in the countryside

In rural areas, you often use national and departmental roads. Some of these roads are well maintained, while others may be neglected or not maintained at all. You may find potholes, sometimes real ostrich holes, which have multiplied on roads that were already deformed and more or less well patched up in previous years due to the reduction in local authority budgets. You may also be driving on stony, muddy roads or grassy areas to reach facilities or dwellings far from the road.

Opt for resistant, high-performance tyres offering excellent traction for this type of difficult terrains. We recommend MICHELIN Agilis 3 (summer) and MICHELIN Agilis Alpin (winter) or MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate (all-season).

All terrain van tyres

Dedicated to innovation and committed to exceptional driving experience, Michelin’s engineers develop some of the world’s most impressive road vehicle tyres.

MICHELIN Agilis tyres, specially designed for vans, provide enhanced traction on difficult surfaces.

MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate - EN

Optimal traction on all types of terrain

Driving in mud, grass, gravel and snow is no longer a complication thanks to the technology of MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate tyres: their V-shaped tread pattern with large blocks and wide grooves provide excellent grip even on demanding surfaces. They also ensure water evacuation when riding on wet surfaces.

Enhanced robustness

Difficult terrains expose you to a greater risk of punctures and excessive tyre wear. That's why we have made the MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate tyres more robust.

They have unique sidewall shields that protect them from impacts and we have designed them with an abrasion-resistant compound based on innovative truck technology to make them even stronger.

A versatile van tyre in all seasons

It can be time-consuming and costly to swap summer/winter tyres at the beginning of each season. But on the other hand, you want to be able to drive safely in all weather conditions, summer and winter.

That's why the MICHELIN Agilis Crossclimate 4-season tyre is an ideal choice for keeping your business running all year round without the need for tyre rotation.

MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate is winter certified (3PMSF) which means that its performance on snow and wet surfaces has been tested and validated.

It has been designed to combine the advantages of a summer tyre with those of a winter tyre and therefore offers you all the performance mentioned above all year round, despite the weather and temperature variations.

Learn more about 4-season van tyres

N°1 for longevity in all tyre categories(1)(2)

The longer your tyres last, the more you save. Replacing worn tyres not only costs money but also time.

We've designed the MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate tyre to last while maintaining its performance.

On average, it can drive at least 25% more kilometres than summer and winter tyres from other major competitors and 39% more than its all-season competitors(1)(2). Thanks to this longevity, you can save an average of 4 tyres per 100 000 km.(3)


(1) - longevity - Longevity Tests conducted by DEKRA Test Centre on Michelin’s request, in 2017, on dimension 235/65 R16C 115/113 R, on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, in comparison with its major premium summer, winter & all-season competitors (SUMMER: MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate (50,145 km); BRIDGESTONE Duravis 660 (42,760 km), CONTINENTAL ContiVanContact™ 100 (29,660 km), WINTER MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate (50,412 km), CONTINENTAL VanContact Winter(32,863 km), PIRELLI Carrier™ Winter(33,009 km); ALL SEASON MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate (47,702 km) CONTINENTAL VanContact™4Season (21,396km), PIRELLI Carrier™ All Season(30,467 km), GOODYEAR Vector 4 Seasons(29,790 km)). Longevity test run in average real usage (D50) with 10,000 km run, and extrapolated with estimated longevity at 1.6mm.           


(2) - longevity - Michelin internal study conducted in presence of DEKRA Test Centre (Narbonne Track), in December 2020- February 2021, on dimension 235/65R16C 115/113 R, on Renault Master, MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate (29,789 km)  in comparison with BRIDGESTONE Duravis All Season (22,023 km). Longevity test run in average real usage (D50) with 9,421km run, and extrapolated with estimated longevity at 1.6mm.           


(3) - savings - 4 tyres saved on average, every 100,000 km versus main all-season competitors. Internal calculation based on Value Tool for Fleet, on dimension 235/65 R16  115/113R for 1 LCV with an annual mileage per vehicle of 100,000km and a vehicle lifecycle period of 1 year (Agilis Cross Climate : 4 tyres, Continental VanContact 4 Seasons : 12 tyres, Pirelli Carrier AllSeason : 8 tyres, Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Cargo : 8 tyres and Bridgestone Duravis All Season : 8 tyres).

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