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Maximum grip: maintain maximum grip in all weather conditions

Train in all weather!


15% more grip* for increased safety on slippery, dirty or wet surfaces thanks to the new generation "Hi-Grip Design" tread pattern and the Grip Compound rubberent

michelin bike road power all season more grip


20% more puncture resistance on the crown* thanks to the new Aramid Protek + aramid fiber reinforcement

michelin bike road lithion 2 more strength


5 Watt gain per pair of tyres which is 20 seconds over 40 km at an average speed of 45 km/h*

michelin bike road power all season more performance


michelin bike road power all season technology

* Compared with its predecessor - Independent Wheel Energy 3mm crown puncture and rolling resistance tests 2015: 25-622

michelin bike road competition board en

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5 reviews
5 / 5

I have ridden these tyres for 1 year all season on my cross bike

George - August 11, 2021

I have ridden these tyres for a year back and forward to work also training rides with the club, a slick tyre but fantastic grip as I fly into a sharp corner and come out the outer end still on the road, also the route I use is not the best for 28mm tyres but again they hold up to the bashing can’t say the same for my poor DT Swiss wheels, I have raced on Michelin since I was a junior now I am almost 50 and still riding them a good tyre that I trust to look after me

  • Grip
  • Performance
  • Robustness
  • Rolling resistance
4 / 5

Marc - May 26, 2021

Only issues is it feels a little vague on chip seal pavement. Really noticeable on my road bike, less so on tri bike.

    5 / 5

    Lawrence - May 26, 2021

    I’m in the car is my motorcycles Michelin tires provide a high-level of confidence in all weather conditions. They know how to balance price , longevity safety, and performance.

      Do you own this tyre?
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      3 sizes available for this tyre


      23-622 (700X23C)
      ETRTO Size 23 - 622
      Weight (g) 235
      Pressure (BAR) 8/6
      Pressure (PSI) 116/87
      Bead Foldable Bead
      Tube A1
      Coulours Black
      25-622 (700X25C)
      ETRTO Size 25 - 622
      Weight (g) 270
      Pressure (BAR) 7.5/5
      Pressure (PSI) 109/73
      Bead Foldable Bead
      Tube A1,A2
      Coulours Black
      28-622 (700X28C)
      ETRTO Size 28 - 622
      Weight (g) 295
      Pressure (BAR) 6.5/4
      Pressure (PSI) 94/58
      Bead Foldable Bead
      Tube A2
      Coulours Black
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