Delivering race-winning pace hour after hour !

  • Long-lasting stints
  • Warm-up
  • Performance made to last
  • Non road legal
  • Mandatory tyre warmers
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 Long-lasting stints

The rear tyre has been developed to last for 2 stints* in Endurance racing. The technologies present stem from our experience in MotoGP™.

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The tyre provides the grip needed from the first laps. The materials used allow the rubber to warm up quickly. It benefits from the latest technologies developed in MotoGP™.

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 Performance made to last 

The tyre delivers consistent performance, stint after stint*. Consistence achieved thanks to a footprint that is uniform over the various camber phases.

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Recommended pressure

  • Minimum cold pressure on track(1)

          Front 2.1 BAR (30.5 PSI)

          Rear 1.3 BAR (18.9 PSI)

  • Hot pressure under tyre warmers(2)

          Front 2.4 to 2.6 BAR (34.8 to 38 PSI)

          Rear 1.6 to 1.8 BAR (23 to 26 PSI)

  • Target hot pressure (after 6 laps)

           Front 2.4 to 2.6 BAR (34.8 to 38 PSI)

          Rear 1.6 to 1.8 BAR (23 to 26 PSI)

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Does this tyre fit my vehicle?

3 sizes available for this tyre




200/55 R17 78V
Width 200
Aspect Ratio 55
Rim Size 17
Load Index 78
Speed Index V
200/60 R17
Width 200
Aspect Ratio 60
Rim Size 17
200/60 R17
Width 200
Aspect Ratio 60
Rim Size 17

Legal Notices

(1) Pressure taken with tyre and rim at ambient temperature, just before the first ride or just before installing the tyre warmers.
(2) Michelin recommends setting the tyre warmer temperature to 90 degrees. The pressures are given for information purposes only and depend on the equipment and its correct operation.


 Internal study carried out at Slovakia Ring, July 2019, Yamaha R1 & BMW S1000 RR.

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